Make Your City Unique

Whether it is yarn bombing, guerilla gardening, adbusting or just putting nice stickers in public places - make your city unique!


Epic Angry Birds guerrilla knitting at Granby Park, Dublin

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A few examples of some text recently placed on discarded furniture and appliances in various Sydney locations.

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Yarn Bombing in Kiel, Germany. Photo by Björn. (via)


Yarn Bombing in Kiel, Germany. Photo by Björn. (via)

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Today I yarnbombed this bus with a bunch of 7 friends of mine in Hannover/Germany - outside it was raining like hell…the busdriver was sooo cool :-)

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Head gardner by Anna Garforth

A guerilla gardening project, turning milk bottles into characters and planting them around the city.

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Polish yarn-bomber Olek (previously featured here) recently returned to her homeland where she completed her largest work of guerrilla knitting yet: she and her team of four assistants completely covered a locomotive and three train cars in colourful pieces of crocheted yarn. That is an astonishing amount of knitting. The team worked around the clock for two days and in all sorts of weather to create this massive installation. The beautiful train is now on display in Łódź, Poland through August 19, 2013.

“I was in London at the Animal Ball in the presence of Prince Charles on the 9 of July. Then early on the 10, took a morning flight to Poland (wearing my costume, mask from last night) to work on the locomotive… I had the best crew ever. They worked as hard as I always do,” Olek told Hi-Fructose. “I think I should call this train ‘deadly romance.’ I love it, but it almost killed me. I want to see it again, but I am avoiding it. It is calling my name. But I know how much pain it caused. I am totally in love with it, but hate it in the same time. If the natural progression is to make bigger better pieces, what should I make next? Can someone give me a plane? Or should I go to the moon?”

Visit Hi-Fructose to view more photos of the creation of this amazing example of rogue crocheting.

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June 8 is International Yarn Bombing Day

Need inspiration for your own project? Check out New York-based crocheting artist Olek on Instagram: @oleknyc.

On June 8, for the third year running, yarn enthusiasts from around the globe will share their passion with the world through the act of yarn bombing.

Guerrilla knitters and crocheters will cover trees, lampposts and bike racks with their colorful handicrafts in a tradition established by Alberta knitter Joann Matvichuk.

Tag your own work and any yarn bombing installations you may come across with the #yarnbombing hashtag!

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yarn bombed steps at Helsinki’s Cathedral, Finland.


yarn bombed steps at Helsinki’s Cathedral, Finland.

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